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I just got this email. I love it. It made me smile. Made me realize that it is a small world and oftentimes a difficult world and that little bits of glee help so very much at times.

I used to work at the Heinen’s on Route 306. I loaded groceries into cars. It was a shit job, because we were paid awfully (pretty sure I made $3.15/hr), had to belong to a union, couldn’t get any tips, and people were generally ungrateful.

I lasted about four weeks until I walked off the job in the beginning of my shift in the middle of a rainstorm (I’ve always assumed, obviously incorrectly, that I was meant to do something useful).

It’s the kind of thing where I’d prefer to say I never had to go back to that Heinen’s again. I can’t. I’m there at least once every time I come home. This time, I went back to look for some wine. Ohio makes some terrific wine, but fuck me if I can find any of it for sale besides versions of pink catawba, a style of wine so horrible that adding carbonated buttermilk would be a significant improvement.

So I looked through the aisles, couldn’t find anything I really wanted, decided to buy some mass market wine sparkling wine, and then discovered, of all fucking things, a picture of Dinah’s Cheese. On a magazine. At this fucking grocery store in a shithole town in Ohio.

It made my fucking day.