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The Log house, officially known as the Harrington Beall Log House, was built in 1881 by August Doerr, an itinerant carpenter. It is considered the oldest standing home on the Island. Built in the style of an Ohio river valley log house of the 1840s, it is one of the very few remnants of the homesteading period on Vashon. In 1995, I began a ten year effort to completely restore the building. The decrepit house was lifted in one piece from its place on the edge of the property, moved one hundred feet to its present location and lowered onto a new concrete foundation. Although many parts of the log house are original, all the plumbing, electrical system, heating, foundation and many of the logs were replaced. In 2005 I finally moved in, leaving the small chicken coop that I had lived in since I bought the farm in 1991.