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The cheese of Kurtwood Farms is farmstead cheese, meaning that it is made on the farm from the milk produced on this farm.  The milk that goes into my cheeses all comes from the cows that live on this farm.  No milk is brought in from any other source.  All of the cheeses are made by hand, wrapped by hand and delivered personally.

Dinah’s Cheese is our original cheese. A bloomy-rind cheese, it resembles a traditional French Camembert. The fatty, Jersey milk gives it a deep golden color, and when fully ripe will be gooey and full flavored.
Flora’s Cheese is the simple, tasty crumble cheese that we make. It resembles a Feta: slightly salty, slightly tart, but full of flavor and excellent to serve with salads, tacos or pizzas.
LogHouse is the newest cheese from Kurtwood Farms. It is a semi-hard tomme-style cheese aged for four months in the subterranean cave. Made from whole milk, it is rich and buttery with a mottled, grey natural rind.