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It is hard for me at times to keep from looking at ever more grander farms. This morning I found this gem advertised on the New York Times.:
This is an extraordinary property: 147 acres near New Paltz with stone barns and a beautiful old farmhouse. I could live there, raise a larger herd of cows than I now have and make a tremendous amount of fine cheese.

I most likely will stay here on Vashon Island however. I have been here for the past twenty years, the herd is excellent, the cheese fabulous and the cheese cave is nearly complete. It is hard not to look at pictures of old stone barns with ten times the acreage I now have and imagine living there. Thankfully the $1.9 million price tag will keep me based in reality.
I do wish I could master the art of reveling in the present, instead of looking for a grander future. The present is damn nice.