Kurt Shop Logo

Kurt Farm Shop is a gem of a store tucked into the Chophouse Row building on Capitol Hill in Seattle. The Farm Shop is primarily about ice cream but we also sell cheeses from Kurtwood Farms and other local creameries. The ice cream is exceptional and unique. The custard base is made at the farm on Vashon Island with our Jersey cream and milk, organic cane sugar and fresh, pastured eggs. It is then churned and flavored at the store kitchen in Seattle. Rich, luxurious and not too sweet, this ice cream is special. The flavors also come from the farm: lemon verbena, Tri-star strawberries, rose geranium, Triple Crown blackberries, bay laurel, Sungold tomato jam among others. We sell ice cream in cones and pints to go, as well as ice cream sandwiches for private parties.

1424 – 11th Avenue
Between Pike and Union Streets
Seattle, WA 98122