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The farm began as four acres of overgrown blackberry brambles with rusted out cars and cast off junk hidden beneath the canopy of weeds.  Little by little the four acres was cleaned out and planted with fruit and nut trees, vegetables and herbs. Once more land was acquired, pastures were created and fenced and sheep, pigs and cows arrived.  By 2003 with the restaurants behind him, Kurtwood Farms had become his full time job.

Soon a professional kitchen was built to begin processing the food grown on the farm and to create a space for friends to gather for dinners of ever greater quality and scope.  Progress on the enterprise continued with a Grade ‘A’ dairy licensed in the newly built dairy buildings and a cow barn raised to house the bovine producers of that milk. A underground cheese cave, dug deep under the cow pasture rounds out the facilities on the farm to produce the finest farmstead cheeses.

Kurtwood Farms is now home to a small herd of Jersey cows, a motley crew of sheep, happy free rooting pigs, an ever changing flock of chickens, geese and ducks, a guest room and sofa often filled with Seattle’s best cooks and Kurt and his two dogs Byron and Daisy.

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