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August 4 - Creating a Garden Inspired Floral Arrangement with Nisha Klein

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Learn how to create a spontaneous floral arrangement using foliage, berries and herbs from your garden together with flowers from a farmer’s market. Nisha will demonstrate the basic mechanics of arranging as well as provide individual guidance, providing feedback on designs.We will walk the farm, the vegetable garden and the hedgerows, utilizing the greenery available to us together with flowers Nisha has provided for us to work with.The goal is to provide a foundation for arranging a bouquet using what you may be growing yourself or foraged on a walk with the addition of flowers. We will nosh through the day enjoying food from the farm.At the end of the afternoon you will have an arrangement to take home with you.

Nisha opened Fleurish, a floral design studio, twenty-two years ago in Seattle.Flourish is now the pre-eminent floral studio in the city. Her first job was in a floral boutiques when she was 15 and never looked back. Flowers are her world. “I take cues from nature every single day and feel inspired by simply living in such a beautiful place”.

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