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June 9 - Cooking with Nancy Leson


June 9 - Cooking with Nancy Leson summer2019-01

Seattle food writer and KNKX food commentator Nancy Leson is one of my favorite people in the Seattle food scene.She began her Seattle career working as a waitress at Saleh el Lago in the same era as I worked as a waiter around town.She later moved into food writing, working at the Seattle Times as the restaurant critic and food columnist for nearly twenty years. She loves Asian cuisines more than any other, finds inspiration in Asian restaurants and cookbooks, and cooks across culinary cultures at home. She’ll share some of her favorite recipes, convinced that once you taste them, you, too, will consider them kitchen classics.She is one of the best cooking instructors in town and you will love spending the afternoon on the farm with her.She will teach Korean Shrimp and Zucchini Pancakes; Hunan-Style Chili-Cumin Ribs; Nate’s Thai Kimchi; and Spicy Ginger and Black Pepper Rice. At the end of the class you will take home some kimchi to savor on the boat ride back to the city.