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Summer Series 2019

Starting this summer, Kurtwood Farms is hosting a series of day-long workshops at the farm. Each will be taught by a leader in their field, an expert, a charmer, and a delight to be with for the day. Many will be about food and cooking, Nisha will teach us how to create beautiful floral arrangements, Jim will give us the knowledge and confidence to shoot beautiful photographs. All are on a Sunday from June to September, starting at 11:00 and ending around 4:00 in the afternoon. We will start the day with some coffee, tea and some scones or biscuits to begin. Through the day we will gather around the long counter at the Cookhouse, watching, discussing and learning from these charming folks. Each class will be a maximum of ten people.We will nosh through the afternoon, enjoying what we have prepared. By the time you are ready to head back on the ferry to the city, you will have had a great meal, met some new people and gained a new insight into food, cooking, flowers or photography.